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Through the application of mobile internet technology to promote car safety, upgrade driving assistance system and other facilities in intelligent, realizing informative interaction between vehicle and vehicle, and surrounding environment directly.

Mobility is based on the environment of mobile internet, which produces high-end business model, technological application, parking and sharing services and so on, targeting in the field of mobility.

A business model of using digital technology to collect and analyze user’s needs, to enhance customer experience.

Using the application of innovative technology to optimize the existing human-machine interaction, improve user experience of operating system.

The future is a time when we dare to think but often fail to think. What is the driving force for the future? What is the winning power in the future? What will the future innovative product would like be?

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Entry Statement of Audi Innovation Lab 2018


You have successfully submitted your application!

“Audi Innovation Lab 2018” Discretionary Entrant Declaration

Before attending the "Audi Innovation Lab 2018" (hereinafter referred to as the "Contest") organized by Audi (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), each entrant is required to read the following statement in order to clarify the intellectual property ownership and the entitlement. If the entrant chooses to participate, the entrant will acknowledge and agree on the entire contents of this statement.

Please read and confirm the statement carefully as follows:

I accept and agree to abide by the terms of this discretionary entrant declaration. In addition to these terms and regulations, I shall retain the other rights in the course of the creation of the work, except that I have been and will submit the authorized works of the Organizing Committee.


"I" means a natural person, legal person or other organization that provides the work and exercises the right under the terms of this Permit.

“Work” means works that has been and is to be submitted to the Organizing Committee under the terms of this declaration, including but not limited to innovative ideas and programs arising from the course of the competition. It also contains works based on this work, or work created on top of other proposals, or any other form of alteration, conversion, or rewriting of the work.

"Submit" means any form of electronic, oral, or written communication sent to the Organizing Committee, including but not limited to transmission communications based on e-mail, source code control systems, and problem tracking systems.

I have been informed that "Audi Innovation Lab 2018" is a program open to the public. After submitting my work, I will allow the Organizing Committee to announce the publication of the work and its results. The disclosure of the results does not affect the creation of the work and the creation of the creation and acquisition of intellectual property rights for other purposes of the right to dispose of;

I authorize the Organizing Committee to copy the copyright and patent rights of this work. Under the terms of this declaration, the Organizing Committee shall copy, modify, assign, distribute, publish, download, post, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform and publicize, display, publicly broadcast or disseminate the contents of the work to the public through the information network;

I promise that this work does not have any plagiarism or infringement. There is no intention to infringe any third party to enjoy the relevant intellectual property rights behavior. If I do not have the ownership of this work, all the consequences and legal responsibilities shall be borne by myself. If I am involved in this competition and cause the Organizing Committee to face any third party claims, litigation or arbitration requirements, or to suffer any direct or indirect losses on reputation or economy, the Organizing Committee will have the right to require adequate and appropriate measures to ensure that the Organizing Committee will be protected from any of the above claims, litigation or arbitration.

During the contest, I will allow the media to record and interview the media and agree that the Organizing Committee will use its own portraits in a reasonable manner (including but not limited to the layout and display of the stadium, reasonable use in the contest, the use of promotional information printed), will not be due to the right to personal privacy or the right to pursue the company or third party media any responsibility.

Within two years after the contest, the company has the priority for cooperation.

If the entrant wishes to transfer or permit the ownership or intellectual property rights of the work within two years after the end of the contest, the entrant shall give priority to the company's written notice and invitation. Under the same conditions, the company will have the priority to transfer or license, which does not rule out the cooperation agencies.

The Company shall have the right to choose whether or not to conduct the priority within six months after receipt of the written permission of the entrant.

After I am eligible for entry, I shall not quit the contest without permission of the company unless the elimination during the contest and force majeure reasons. Otherwise, I will bear the corresponding liability.

This declaration and any matter related shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Chinese law. The parties shall resolve, through friendly negotiation, any dispute arising out of or in connection with the declaration, performance, release or termination of this declaration. If the parties cannot resolve the dispute, either party has the right to submit the dispute to the Beijing Arbitration Commission for arbitration. Arbitration shall be held in Beijing and shall apply the rules of arbitration in which the Commission is valid at the time of acceptance of the arbitration. The arbitral award is final and binding on both parties. In the course of dispute resolution, the disputed terms shall not affect the validity of the other parts of this declaration.

I have carefully read and fully agree with this declaration, and am willing to participate in this contest.