Tang Qibo, Gobi Partners: unmanned vehicle was a pit; as a civil servant, resigned three times, Momo can be listed, why can’t I; Take a bus next to your house could be possible

I was a strong lonely rabbit. My parents preferred my brother to me. Being thrown into the boarding school cultivated my disposition, being independent.

My hometown Henan Zhoukou was rich in jade. In the university, I spent hundreds of yuan to buy jade from my hometown and sold them to my classmates. In this way, I reaped my first bucket of money, 8,000 yuan. Since then I have tasted the sweetness of doing business.

After graduating from college, I worked as a civil servant for six months and realized that this was not what I want. Undoubtedly, I quit my job and opened the clothing store based on my deposits, 25,000 yuan. Because of this, my father did not talk to me for half a year. Yet, as I opened the second and third branch of my clothing store, my parents finally recognized my achievement.

Being alive, I will make every effort to progress. I worked in a few listed clothing corporations for six years, after which I became an executive. Later, as I learned more about the Internet, I started a new business in the internet area. Yet, I encountered some problems in A round of financing and the business was forced to end. After that, I created “Quanquanyueche”.

This is a story from Yu Miao, founder of “Quanquanyueche”. She directly progressed to semi-final in Audi Innovation Lab 2017.

“Quanquanyueche” is a landmark platform combing Internet with social media. This platform provides real-time and non-real-time mobility solutions.

Real-time travel mode helps users quickly match the vehicle and complete the trip.

Based on user's starting point, destination and user labels, non-real-time travel sends a request for a free trip with other fellows. This not only allows users to travel free of charge, but also helps users make friends and satisfy their social desires.

As for the free ride, Miao said: "Momo are listed, why can’t we? My assistant is forced to attend blind date set by her mother every week. Now, “quanquanyueche” offers more possibilities for my assistant. If she hails a car, she might meet the right one. Doesn’t it satisfy both sides?”

In the first year, “quanquanyueche” attracted 20,000 owners to join the platform, and reached cooperation with high-end car dealers like Audi.

Yu Miao, founder of “Quanquanyueche”

In addition to “Quanquanyueche”, lightening lazy also directly progressed to semi-final.

Lightning lazy is the Internet customized bus travel platform, designed to provide consumers with more convenient and cheaper bus travel services.

For inter-city travel, it takes passengers much time to reach shuttle station. Besides, passengers have to buy tickets and wait for departure, which annoys passengers. Lightning lazy builds up a negotiation platform between the passengers and transportation enterprises to realize mobile booking. It also establishes convenient stations in universities, urban CBD, district, high-speed rail railway station and other crowded areas. Put it in a more simple way, through the lightning lazy, you can get out of the door and get on a bus without going to bus station.

In order to optimize the service, the lightning lazy platform collected data and carried out big data analysis, working out the best routes. Finally, transportation enterprises will provide point-to-point customized bus travel services based on the data.

At present, the lightning lazy started intercity bus, scenic train, city bus and chartered businesses.

In addition to this year's recruitment projects, in the phase of “after you meet Audi”, Sun Haifeng, the former player who worked as a co-founder and COO of car financial platform ”weiclicai” also came to the scene and shared the fruits he gained after meeting Audi. At present, “weicilicai” serves more than 100 second-hand car dealers in 20 cities in the asset side and works for micro-investors in the financial side. It has accomplished 36 million A round of financing, and Pro-A round was led by Gobi Partners, partner of Audi Innovation Lab.

In addition to these entrepreneurship stories, VCs also shared their experiences with us.

For unmanned field business, Zhao Xiaosong, vice president of the Northern light venture capital said that it was indeed a meaningful thing, but this process was relatively long. Whether it could be realized or not in the next 20 years was unknown. It would be more pragmatic if we developed unmanned businesses in specific fields.

In this regard, Yin Hong, vice president of FreeS capital, agrees with Zhao Xiaosong. He said that unmanned area had to face challenges and changes in the future, but at present every aspect of innovation was meaningful.

And Gobi Partners’ Managing Director Tang Qibo put it in a more straightforward way that unmanned driving was a pit! Many international big-name corporations had been working on these things, and for VCs, what they captured in the early stage were merely shallow cases. Whether unmanned driving could be achieved or not, whether these small parts could be applied to the unmanned field or not was difficult to predict. Even if the unmanned vehicles are applied to real life, whether consumers will accept it or not was not certain.

From left to right: Zhao Xiaosong, Tang Qibo, Yin Hong

Zhao Xiaosong said that Northern light venture capital focused on technology start-ups. In mobility field, we saw many popular products, from car hailing to sharing bike. In regard to its root cause, the rapid growth in mobility was triggered by innovation in business model and technology, which met the market need. As for advice for start-ups, he said that only if start-ups were clear about their goal can VC invest in their projects.

Tang Qibo reckoned that sharing business in China led on the international stage. Sharing economy boost was based on consumption upgrade, changes of consuming habits and innovation analysis in segment areas. This triggered a revolution in various industries. Start-ups equipped with innovative business models still had chances in the market. However, it was more promising for start-ups to do idle resources integration since the current flow was monopolized by tycoons.

Yin Hong denoted that technology was a key factor for the development of auto field. In terms of technology innovation, automobile was big enough to support these innovative achievements. Besides, technology could not only promoted industry development, but brought convenience to the public. FreeS Fund aimed to reveal innovative ideas, help start-ups analyze market insights so that they could learn the market better.

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