Xu Chen of Gobi Partners liked Audi Innovation Lab will AR+AI be next investment vent?

Outsiders might consider Zhu Rui, CEO of UBI have much luck, for he started his business in 2016 cooperating with Audi, and then made collaborations with Benz, BAIC Motor, and Chery. How could he make it?

Zhu Rui was a geek. In his words, entrepreneurship depended on two aspects. One was the character. Zhu Rui liked challenges; the other was the direction of personal development, for his heart had been rooted in the idea of entrepreneurship.

Deep plowing the field of cars, Zhu Rui was engaged in chip technology industry, followed by the upstream from the automotive industry to the downstream transition, which made his access to the car network. In 2009 the car industry was traditional, and new energy, car networking concept had been introduced to the domestic environment. With a sensitive sense of smell, he identified the future development of the future market prospects promising. During 2012 to 2013 when the car network began to flourish, Zhu Rui had entered a large traditional OEM and did works concerning telematics.

After several years of grinding, 2015 Zhu Rui identified the future development of the car market, aimed to scale in the hundreds of billions of dollars in the market share. Combined with their own technological advantages, he assured the idea of entrepreneurship. But he did not rush to practice, but through a more rational thinking, combined with their own lack of time, to their own business dream to do a reasonable plan, decided to go to IT Company to study for one year.

After one year, he regarded himself as qualified and quit the job. Then he started his business in automobile digitalization field and created UBI.

UBI was a rare company focusing on automobile data application and service. Since automobile industry was relatively traditional, passing the values of data mining was another tough task for UBI to resolve.

Zhu Rui, UBI

For Zhu Rui, the strength ran abreast with luck. His business sense made him realized the great value of participating in the contest and was committed to submitting BP to it. With years of accumulation of insights in automobile industry, Zhu Rui gained the champion in the final of digitalization. In addition to funding, resources, One year free access right of using Audi cars, he got the opportunity for “try-out”. Audi’s recognition, undoubtedly gave a free PR to this company, and made more corporates being willing to cooperate with them.

After one year, Zhu Rui not only expressed gratitude for Audi Innovation Lab, but shared experiences with participants. This year, Audi Innovation Lab provides participants with opportunities for “try-out”!

On August 18 in Hangzhou, Audi Innovation Lab 2017 recruitment was held in Demo Space, the topic of which was digitalization. Xu Chen, Gobi Partners, Fang Pingchao, angle fund partner of Entrepreneur China came here as examiners.

Let’s put insights aside first, fun stuff first. Xu Chen, Fang Pingchao and Thomas Ippendorf, head of retail development in Audi China, had fun in AR+AI. Have you ever seen big names like this before?

Thomas Ippendorf

By capturing this, the only thing I could say was “Thomas you were so hilarious!”

The developer was kiwiface, the core team of which came from UCB. The firm devoted to the combination of AR and AI, cutting in face recognition and establishing a company with an AR business model.

So incredible! No reason that the jury gave a full pass to this team.

In addition, we also see JIGO which focused on the retail segment of the field of precision scene advertising. A 49s video brought you to the scene.

Don't blink your eyes, advertisement time!

are you ready




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Faced with impressive performances, as big names in the investment area, how can’t Xu Chen and Fang Pingchao share some insights?

face to face

Xu Chen denoted that entrepreneurs and investors had many things in common. They both needed to focus on an industry, predict the potential and then invest in this area. Without a basic knowledge of specific industry, it would turn out to be a failure.

When asked about how large the car market was, Xu Chen said that if each object or the scene as regarded as a node, the car as one of them, car industry was likely to produce the largest number compared with all industries. The changes of the surrounding environment, we have huge amount of collected data, the user and its status was constantly changing, which was another huge data system. Both of them needed to do constant interactions, so the market prospects would have great opportunities.

When asked the car digital retail industry, about through what specific areas do we have more opportunities to cut into. Fang Ping Chao said that it was significant for entrepreneurs to catch up opportunities. The earlier they entered the industry, the more they harvested. For the time being, big data, mobility has much potential.

Xu Chen pointed that data was like a source, same as water, people did not care about how much they use. Yet, we used it every day. While we were viewing data, there was a lot of content for you to consume data. For investors, we cared much more about uniqueness.

For digital retail, Fang Pingchao said that through the existing technical means, we could effectively reveal the user's spending habits, predict the needs of users to determine the upstream and downstream behavior. If we handled supply chain management well, which would be great Benefits arise. And that was what entrepreneurs needed to do.

For the future trend of used car digital retail platform, Xu Chen said that the domestic digital retail market share was not that large. But with the user habits changing, the market would continue to expand. There were still great opportunities in the future. Right now, some popular used-car platform concentrated more on trading with some financial products. Cross-market trade share counted 30%. In the future, faced with different age groups, we would have different options. Therefore, I did not agree that in the future there would be a giant to lead the market.

Facing big names in the investment field and impressive participants, I believe that you are eager to submit your own BP to Audi Innovation Lab! Now the project recruitment channel has been opened for you, in the next two recruitments, hope to see your face, click to join

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