Audi Innovation Lab talks to Legend Capital Fan Qihui, sharing how to screen CEO who can progress to the final

In Beijing CBD area, Audi car sharing was observed. Users were cheered up by such high-end car sharing and they did not need to buy a car.

In addition to car sharing, the new Audi A8 could also park automatically. That is to say, after arriving at the destination, the owner could leave, and the car will use its powerful "brain" to automatically parked to the corresponding parking spaces.

Based on these cases, we are able to capture Audi’s ambition for the future market. Therefore, what’s Audi’s next step?

As a car giant, on the path of innovation, Audi has never slowed down its pace. By Contacting entrepreneurs, Aud not only support others but injects fresh blood to its innovation. Through the dialogue with top VC, insight into the industry changes, Audi’s leading the industry trend. Here comes two stories of start-ups in Audi Innovation Lab.

Hans Lippert, Director of Audi Digitalization Business

Story 1 Every Step does count

If someone asks you "why do you want to start a business", how would you answer?

A friend said that once he had to catch a plane for business trip and parked the car at the airport, after which he had to pay 1000+ parking fee. Then he paid the bill with his heart dripping blood.

Of course, he not only paid the parking fee, but also started his own business triggered by such a expensive bill.

This is not a joke, but a story of Cao Xiaodong, CEO of Yichehui. Yichehui is a platform for Airport Valet parking.

Story 2 Senior taxi driver please lead me to success

A song goes this way: "I am here laughing, also here crying, I am alive here, also dead here." With Desolate melody, thought-provoking lyrics, as an old driver, do you feel lonely?

According to statistics, each car owners in Beijing, the average daily car use is up to 104 minutes long, which is a long way. And they are not allowed to gaze at the mobile phone screen, so are there any solutions for them?

Although we are not likely to reach the speed of "the fast and the furious", we could drive in a nice mood.

Of course no problem, you can. “Qinghua”is dedicated to the car voice broadcast service platform. In the journey, you will get intimate voice companions

Let’s take this example

These are the stories of the Audi Innovation Lab. Click on the hyperlink to join the Audi Innovation Lab, share your business story, in addition to money, resource support, you are more likely to get business opportunities with Audi.

Combined with the automotive industry, Audi tries to find pain resolve the problems.

In addition, in order to get more early glimpses of the industry trends, Audi Innovation Laboratory also invited a number of domestic top VCs to help out and shared their insights.

As VC, you should not only have a very high degree of insight, through subtle changes in the industry, quickly determine the trend, carry out timely follow-up, and choose the right. Then, VCs shared some valuable insights. In Audi Innovation Lab 2017" recruiting Beijing, Legend Capital Executive Fan Qihui talked about the investment theory:

Fan Qihui, Executive Director of Legend Capital

Insight One

As investors of Auto-navi, Yiche, Shenzhou car rental, Legend Capital has been uphold the "things first, people matters" investment methodology. How to choose the right CEO, Fan Qihui holds a view that:

First, the perseverance was very important. The CEO can insist on one thing for a long period of time, which is one of the key factors to win the battle;

Second, whether the CEO has knowledge of professional or industry experiences is a key factor to help entrepreneurs avoid some obstacles;

Third, if entrepreneur gained support of the family, to a large extent, this might help the business.

Insight two

The field of automobile has always been a very important section of Legend Capital and they have been concerned about the car's electric and unmanned. As for the automotive field, the next hot area, Fan Qihui said, high-precision map was promising. Whether it is mobile travel or unmanned, high-precision map was a key factor.

Insight three

Smart parking as a heavy capital of the outlet, Fan Qihui said that start-up enterprises as long as the understanding and solving the user's core pain points, mastering the break method, cutting from the field of subdivision, will have the opportunity to become the industry leader.

Fan Qihui interacted with audience

From 2013 onwards, the Audi Innovation Lab has been successfully held four times. "2017 Audi Innovation Labs" with IDG Capital, Northern Light Venture Capital, Legend Capital, FreeS Capital, Gobi partners, aim to find potential start-up companies and pioneer entrepreneurs, by holding recruiting in location services (LBS), Big data, digital retail , mobility, four directions with potential business plan. Audi will provide start-up enterprises, including funding, resources, including support and help, and after “try-out”, to explore and develop to meet their development plans for start-ups, expand new areas of cooperation, and jointly achieve sustainable development.

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