Empowered by innovation 丨 "Audi Innovation Lab 2017" welcomes all of you!

Follow up the trends
Innovation leads to entrepreneurship
"Audi Innovation Lab 2017" recruiting has started!
This is all about dreams
We dive deep into the automobile field
"Big data, mobility, digital retail, location based service"
Four latest topics covered

Are you ready?
If you are starting your own business
With brand new ideas and great interests in auto field
Then join us as soon as possible
Here are reasons why you should give a shot on this event


Northern Light Venture Capital
FreeS Fund
Gobi Partners
IDG Capital
Legend Capital
Linear Venture
6 renowned VCs
Jointly evaluate your BPs
6-min presentation and 3-min Q&A
Are you ready?


If you are capable enough to progress to the semi-final
You will obtain the opportunity for cooperating with Audi
Sufficient resources provided by Audi
Are you ready?


Overcoming all obstacles, advancing into the finals
you are a much closer to the dream
You might get Audi's project support funds and internal resources
VCs on site might directly come to you and invest your project!

So, who are those big names?
Xiong Xiaoge, Xu Xiaoping, Pan Shiyi,
and Yao Jinbo have attended our event!

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