“Audi Innovation Lab 2017” is a contest hosted by Audi China, which aims to explore potential business plans or start-ups with innovative business models in automotive industry. Provided with resources from Audi and prominent venture capitals, start-ups could achieve fast growth and realize sustainable development together with Audi. To bridge last five years’ successes to this year, “Audi Innovation Lab 2017” will further promote business integration between Audi and start-ups with deeper understanding of Audi’s actual business so as to build a preliminary cooperation ecosystem for Audi's innovative strategy.

Targeting at potential start-ups and innovation pioneers, “Audi Innovation Lab 2017” will recruit and qualify potential business plans concerning four topics: Location Based Service (LBS), Big Data, Digital Retail and Mobility, and conduct jointly evaluation with leading venture capitals such as Northern Light, FreeS Fund, GOBI Partners, IDG Capital, Legend Capital and Linear Venture. Start-ups/business plans standing out from the contest will have the opportunity to get direct investment from venture capitals and become potential suppliers of Audi.

August 7 will witness the online recruitment of "Audi Innovation Lab 2017". Submit your innovative business plan now and embrace “Maker Culture”!


Start-ups and potential pioneers can submit your innovative business plans concerning at least one of the four topics as Location Based Service (LBS), Big Data, Digital Retail and Mobility via online channel before September 22. All participants must comply with the rules of “Audi Innovation Lab 2017” and accept certain entry restrictions to ensure full participation.

Opportunity of business try-out and potential cooperation with Audi
Exposure on Audi and partners’ media channels
Business mentoring by Audi and venture capitals experts
Prior invitation to Audi events
Free access to new Audi models
Investment opportunity from venture capitals
Membership of CYZone
Free subscription of CYZone magazine for 1 year
VIP tickets to various events organized by CYZone

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