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Audi Innovation Lab 2018

Releasing the power of innovation,“Audi Innovation Lab 2018” contest is ready to start off. This contest is aiming at offering diversified internal resources from Audi, working hand in hand with partners including influential venture capitals, and exploring high-quality projects with entrepreneurship within auto industry. Through better interactive connections, it will facilitate the virtuous development of the automobile industry.

With the joint efforts and support from the NorthernLight Venture Capital, IDG Capital, Gobi Partners, Light Speed Capital, Legend Capital, and Qiming Venture Partners , excellent projects will be selected and qualified. The qualified projects will get the opportunity to receive support from Audi in terms of funds and resources.

Audi Innovation Lab 2018 Topic in detail
Topic A
Through the application of mobile internet technology to promote car safety, upgrade driving assistance system and other facilities in intelligent, realizing informative interaction between vehicle and vehicle, and surrounding environment directly.
Topic B
Mobility is based on the environment of mobile internet, which produces high-end business model, technological application, parking and sharing services and so on, targeting in the field of mobility.
Topic C
Future Retail Development
A business model of using digital technology to collect and analyze user’s needs, to enhance customer experience.
Topic D
User Experience
Using the application of innovative technology to optimize the existing human-machine interaction, improve user experience of operating system.
Topic E
Discover Future
The future is a time when we dare to think but often fail to think. What is the driving force for the future? What is the winning power in the future? What will the future innovative product would like be?
Audi Innovation Lab 2018 Schedule
Project Review
Audi Innovation Lab 2017 Champion Projects
Zhejiang Congtai Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Track creates value. The location data of the drivers are used for driving behavior analysis. POI is used to depict driver profiles in order to provide value-added services to the drivers and facilitate the user management and refinement operation of partners.
V2X Smart Driving and Smart Mobility
Huali Smartways Technology Inc.
After years of research and development in North America, the company is aiming at connecting the driver, vehicle, street and environment together. By establishing an smart ecosystem for the internet of Vehicle, traffic jams can be reduced, traffic information can be updated in realtime, views of drivers can be broadened, and a solution for the 2.0 era with the suggestion of automatic driving initiatives will be provided.
Automatic Driving Laser Environment Sensing Solution
Shenzhen Robosense Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Robosense is a world leading supplier for Automatic Driving Laser Environment Sensing Solution. It’s the only company in the world that provides MEMS Solid-State LiDAR, 32 -line and 16-line LiDAR as well as matching laser radar sensing algorithms.
JDO LBS Service
Shanghai Jiache IT Limited Company
JDO is a company specialized in internet of vehicles. Taking "Make cars smarter" as a goal, JDO is providing smart products to before and after automotive markets. Through audio and Wechat messages, JDO is providing connected services based on geographic locations of Audi clients.
Jiangsu Chezhibao Information Technology Inc.
Founded in October, 2012, Chezhibao is a professional trading platform for second-hand vehicle C2B cross-region transactions. Driven by whole business process big data, Chezhibao has the highest operation efficiency and best traffic convert capability. It’s also realized the accumulation of abundant second-hand vehicles data.

Audi Innovation Lab

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